Welcome to the Medina Area Taxi Service

We drive from our Akron company to assist Medina due to the closing of your local taxi companies. 

About Us

Serving Greater Medina (Lodi, Brunswick, Seville and many more)


We are an airport, shuttle and local transportation service which serves the areas of Medina, Brunswick, Chippewa Lake, Burbank, Ashland, Lodi, Granger, Hinckley, West Salem, Westfield Center, Seville, Wadsworth, Strongsville and many other surrounding areas.

Safety and Warning


Unlike Uber and Lyft our drivers are background checked. Also. *Warning* Uber and Lyft allow reservations but they do not find you a driver until right when the trip is due. If no drivers are around the reservation fails. We receive calls at last minute for at least 5 trips a day of people trying to reach an important meeting or event. Please do not call us last second if your reservation fails. We are unable to arrive promptly in the Medina area unless it is scheduled with us. Please use common sense and do not rely on rideshare services for the airport or doctor's appointments. 



We are cheaper than every other cab service and are always cheaper than Uber XL. 

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Call us to confirm! Reservations are not approved until speaking to you!

Again. We are not local to Medina most local short trips in town may be turned down due to the costs associated with driving from our Akron company to Medina. Most longer trips are approved for service. We are 24/7 if scheduled during our phone answering hours from 830am until 12

The Medina Area Taxi Service

(330) 887-2745